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I took up a pinch hit for the dcu_bang because I betaed the story. And then it got a second pinch too. It's a fun story, I recommend it if you like the Robins or kidfic.

Title: Fathers, Be Good
Author name: [ profile] ariadne83 and [ profile] somehowunbroken
Characters/Pairing: slight Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne, Roy Harper
Fandom/Universe: Red Hood: Lost Days-era AU
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 11,600
Warnings: none
Summary: The last person that Dick expects to hear talking when he picks up his phone is Jason, who has been dead for years. Except he isn’t anymore, apparently, and Dick can hear a baby screaming in the background as Jason asks him for help. What is there for Dick to do but drop everything and run to help his long-lost brother?

Fic on AO3
chibifukurou's art

My art:

fathers be good icon2 fathers be good icon
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A challenge over at [ profile] beacon_hills asked ups to do a picspam of the top five something in Teen Wolf. I chose to do the top five reasons that Stiles is a BAMF.

Stiles is a BAMF because he... )
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In my ongoing efforts to learn how to use my graphics program I entered a 20 in 20 challenge. Here are 20 Sheriff Stilinksi icons(featuring appearances by Stiles and Scott) that I made for [ profile] twmtv20in20.


Icons )

♠ Please credit me.
♠ Textless icons are not bases.
♠ Comments are very appreciated.
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Over at [ profile] wolfpacking we were given the litany against fear from Dune and told to use it as inspiration for any type of fanwork. I chose to use the line "I will face my fear" because it immediately made me think of Stiles.

I've always been struck by Stiles' determination to face his fears. When he literally goes out of his way to tell people he's not afraid of them even when it is clear that he is. So, I made this to highlight several times that Stiles bravely faced down people he feared:


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