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Over at [ profile] beacon_hills we were asked to create two Alphas for the Alpha pack not using any spoilers. We had to cast an actor/actress, name the character, make a picspam, and write up a bit of a profile for each character. Here are my two Alphas. I had a lot of fun making these and may want to use them as OCs if I ever write fic involving the Alpha pack.

alpha joshua lin

Alpha Joshua Lin, 25

Joshua Lin is a made werewolf who was created by a rogue Alpha. His creator was more than unstable and desperate to maintain his power through a hastily constructed pack. Joshua was bitten when he was a freshman attending college in Las Vegas. What followed were years of abuse at the hands of his Alpha and no knowledge of proper werewolf packs to know it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

As the oldest Beta, Joshua attempted to shield the other teenagers that were bitten from the cruel wrath of the Alpha but eventually he reached his breaking point and managed to kill his maker, obtaining the Alpha powers. He struggled to lead his pack for several weeks until the Alpha pack arrived and provided him with a different option. They sent the Betas on to more suitable Alphas and accepted Joshua as one of their own.

As a result of his experiences, Joshua is distrustful of most werewolves, including his pack, however he also has a soft spot for newly bitten wolves who are struggling to adapt. Especially those who have inadequate Alphas.

alpha charlotte sutton

Alpha Charlotte Sutton, 26
Charlotte Sutton is a born werewolf who was working on her graduate degree in psychology at a university in Los Angeles when her entire family was killed by hunters. As the only surviving member of her pack, the Alpha powers fell to her.

Charlotte left school to obtain vengeance for her family. In order to succeed at that she needed a pack and as a lone Alpha she was absorbed by the Alpha pack. Using her knowledge of human psychology and her experience as a born werewolf, she has quickly risen to a leadership role in the pack.

Unfortunately, despite eliminating the hunters that killed her family, she is still filled with a cold anger. That anger coupled with her fondness for long term plans make her a deadly adversary.


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