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We were given a bingo card over at [ profile] beacon_hills and had to fill each square. I did eight drabbles of exactly 200 words and then for the co-op square I worked with [ profile] tiah15. We chose to make icons with the color red as the theme. The icons I made are in this post.

Special thanks to [ profile] jesseofthenorth for helping encourage me to power through these fills despite my writer's block. :D

Here is the card and all the of the fills are below:



Scott carefully turned the omelet, checking both sides before easing it out onto a plate.

"Am I still dreaming?" his mom asked, from the doorway. She looked around the kitchen, her eyes lingering on the carefully set table. "Werewolves I can handle, but you up at six in the morning making breakfast…"

Scott decided not to tell her that he had actually just gotten in and had not been to bed yet. "It's Mother's Day."

She looked surprised for a second, then smiled and sat down at the table. "Then by all means, wait on me hand and foot."

Scott laughed and set the omelet in front of her, before sitting down. He watched her eat for a moment, trying to find the words that he wanted to say. "I know this last year has been hard, but I want you to know I appreciate how great you've been. About everything."

"I'm a mother. It's what we do."

Scott leaned forward and pressed a quick kiss to her cheek. "I'm lucky to have you for a mom."

And he was, he knew he was. Knowing what today was like in Stiles' house drove that point home. Scott was extremely lucky.


"Seriously?" Lydia asked, her face twisted in distaste. "Is this really what your idea of a birthday party is?"

"No," Stiles answered. "My idea of a party involves a pool and a lot more people; however, my dad's idea of a party is barbeque and board games and since he took the day off work for this, that's what we're doing. Besides I like Risk."

"Of course you do," Lydia said. She heaved a heavy sigh and sat down across from Stiles. "I'm red."

"Spoken like a true vixen," Stiles said, handing her the pieces.

"I really need better friends," Lydia said as she precisely arranged the pieces in front of her.

"We're the best friends you've ever had," Stiles scoffed.

"And isn't that sad?"

Stiles rolled his eyes. "You aren't fooling me. You can't wait to beat all of us with your superior strategic skills."

A small smile tugged at the corners of Lydia's lips. "Maybe. Although, I doubt Scott is going to be much of a challenge there."

Stiles was torn between laughing and indignantly defending his best friend. "He did come up with that plan last year."

Lydia snorted. "I could have done better."

"Probably," Stiles conceded.


"You're my favorite," Stiles said, grinning at his dad. "The best dad."

The Sheriff frowned, his brow creasing. "I'm your only dad. What do you want?"

Stiles put his hand to his heart. "You wound me. Can't a son just tell his father that he loves him and thinks he's an amazing dad?"

"When that son is you? No."

"You really think so little of me that—"

"Stiles," his dad interrupted, his voice a warning that he wasn't in the mood for Stiles' usual antics. "What do you want?"

Stiles sighed. "Scott needs a place to stay for a few weeks while his mom is out of town. For some reason she doesn't think he should stay by himself."

"That's because she's a smart woman," the Sherriff said. "And of course Scott can stay with us. But neither of you can let your grades suffer. Finals are coming up."

"Don't worry! We will be extremely studious."

"Uh huh," his dad grunted. "Just try not to fail."

"You've got it," Stiles agreed. He threw his arms around his dad for a quick hug. "You really are my favorite."

"And you're my favorite son," the Sheriff replied fondly, returning the hug.


Allison carefully pulled the new string back, testing its give. Not quite satisfied, she set the bow down and started tightening the string.

"Someday you're going to have to teach me how to shoot a bow," Lydia said, as she watched Allison work.

"You didn't seem very interested in it that day in the woods."

"That was before I knew what's really out there," Lydia said. She held up the machete she had just sharpened and the small bottle of mountain ash that she always kept with her. "And while this stuff is great, I don't ever want to be backed into a corner."

"Bows aren't the best choice in that situation," Allison said, smirking. "Your machete is much better in close quarters.

Lydia rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean. I want to learn how to use all the weapons that I can, just in case."

Allison nodded. "That's smart. Even my dad doesn't know what kind of creatures are out there. After the Kanima, we need to be prepared for anything."

She lifted the bow and tested it again, finally satisfied. "You want to try it today? I've got some targets set up in the garage."



Derek, Scott, and even Isaac made it look so easy. Actually, easy was probably the wrong word to use. Boyd knew that Scott and Isaac struggled to stay in control, but it seemed easy compared to his struggles.

Derek had told him that he needed to find an anchor, but like all of Derek's lessons, he didn't know how to actually teach anything, which meant that Boyd didn't even know where to start. All he knew was that Scott used the power of love or something ridiculous like that, Derek used his anger like the Sith Lord he was, and Isaac had some sort of twisted abused kid thing going on to keep in control.

None of that was going to work for Boyd. No, he was way too well-adjusted for any of those options, and really it was a sad state of affairs when he was the well-adjusted one. Somehow being so lonely that a werewolf bite had seemed like a good idea wasn't even close to as screwed up as everyone else. It really put things into perspective.

Boyd sighed and checked the calendar. He had a week to figure something out. That should be plenty of time…

"Hurry up," Derek said, his voice raspy with thirst. "Get me out of here before they come back."

"I'm working on it," Stiles said, fumbling with the key ring. He was trying key after key in the manacle's lock, without much luck. "Can't you just use your wolfy powers and break the chains?"

"They've been dosing me with wolfsbane," Derek said, tensing his muscles and pulling experimentally at the chains. "I'm too weak."

"Well, that also explains why you look so horrible," Stiles said.

"Thanks," Derek said, dryly. "Next time I get captured I'll be sure to insist on proper beauty sleep."

"I think that's in the Geneva Convention," Stiles muttered as he tried yet another key. "And if it isn't, it should be." He twisted the key and was relieved to see the manacle pop open. "There! You're free. Now come on before they find us."

Derek heaved himself to his feet and boosted Stiles back through the high window, before following behind him.

"Thanks," Derek said once they were safely in the Jeep.

"You know I wouldn't leave you there," Stiles said. "Right?"

"Yeah," Derek replied, surprising himself with his certainty. "I know that…I trust you."

Stiles smiled.


Stiles frowned down at the ticket Scott had given him. "A magic show. Really? Isn't that a little crass considering what we know?"

"Come on," Scott pleaded. "It'll be fun."

Stiles looked at Scott's begging face and sighed. "Of course I'll go, I just don't get—wait a minute—Allison is going to be there isn't she?"

Scott dropped his eyes guiltily. "One of the new "guys" invited her and I just want to make sure--"

"Say no more," Stiles interrupted. He didn't like the new werewolves at their school any more than Scott did. At best they had an uneasy truce, although Stiles really didn't see that lasting very long. "Why is she going with a werewolf anyway?"

"I don't know," Scott replied, sadly. "She never tells me anything these days."

"That goes hand in hand with breaking up," Stiles pointed out. He frowned. "You don't think she's actually hunting him do you?"

"No!" Scott burst out before pausing and tilting his head in Stiles' direction. "You don't actually think…?"

"No," Stiles answered. "Of course not…her dad wouldn't let her would he?"

Scott gave Stiles a long look. "I'll get the car."

Stiles nodded. "Yeah…probably for the best."


Stiles turned on the shower as hot as he could stand and stepped in. He braced his hands against the wall and bowed his head under the stream, letting the hot water soothe his aching muscles.

Everything hurt. Every single muscle in his body and a few that he could've sworn didn't actually exist in humans. He'd have to check with Deaton to make sure he wasn't some sort of creature whose super power was useless extra muscles.

It seemed like something that would happen to him. Scott gets all the wolfy super powers and he gets extra pain.

Stiles sighed. He wasn't stupid. Something was going to have to give soon. Between trying to keep up with a bunch of werewolves, playing lacrosse—also with a bunch of werewolves—and the not sleeping that went along with all the shit that he'd been through over the last year, he was barely making it through the day.

But what choice did he have? He may only be an ordinary, kind of puny human, but he wasn't a quitter. What he lacked in physical ability he more than made up for with determination and smarts.

He hoped it would be enough.

Co-op with [ profile] tiah15

We chose to make icons using the color red as a theme. I decided to make icons that showed off the red lacrosse uniforms. These are my contributions:

boyd red icon danny red icon matt red icon scott red icon

You can see the lovely icons that [ profile] tiah15 made here.

Date: 2013-04-01 08:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Most excellent work, lady! You def pack a lot into 200 words. Well done!

Date: 2013-04-05 06:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much! :D And thank you for motivating me!


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