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MMOM 2011 Master List

Here are the 31 fic that I wrote for the [ profile] mmom Challenge 2011.

These fic cover everything from humor to angst. There are slash pairings and het pairings. I have organized them by series and by who actually wanks.

Please check for any warnings in the headers at the actual fic page. Also, please be aware that while I've listed pairings with the fic many of these are one sided masturbation in an unrequited or angst ridden situation. In other words just because it says Danny/Rachel or Steve/Danny it doesn't mean that they are in a happy relationship. Or a relationship at all. There is more information about the pairings in the fic headers.

Series and Connected Fic

Voyeur Verse
Wankers: Danny, Steve, Catherine

Ocean View|NC-17|401 words|Danny; Steve/Catherine|Danny will deny it later. Even to himself...especially to himself.

Late Night Feature|NC-17|659 words|Steve/Danny| Steve likes putting on a show...he likes it a lot.

Crowd Pleaser|NC-17|690 words|Steve/Danny|Steve sets the stage and Danny enjoys the show.

Special Greeting|NC-17|657 words|Steve/Danny|Danny likes to watch but is ready for more.

Curtain Call|NC-17|907 words|Steve/Danny; Catherine|Catherine pays Steve a surprise visit and gets an unexpected show.

Traffic Duology
Wankers: Danny, Steve

Traffic Jam |NC-17| 592 words|Steve/Danny| Danny hates Steve...and needs relief.

A Left Turn|NC-17|1059 words| Steve/Danny| Danny comes clean and his relationship with Steve takes a left turn.

Finale Codas
Wankers: Danny, Steve

Scent Memory|NC-17|909 words|Steve/Danny|Danny is too exhausted to deny himself.

Personal Mantra|NC-17|714 words|Steve/Danny|After three days in prison Steve really needs to sleep.

Pilot Codas
Wankers: Steve, Danny

The Only Choice|NC-17|554 words|Steve/Danny|Steve didn’t expect much from Danny. Boy was he wrong. Coda to 1.01.

Not So Bad|NC-17|681 words|Steve/Danny|Danny wanted to hate his partner. But he couldn’t. Coda to 1.01.

Memory Duology
Wanker: Jenna

Memory|R|100 words| Jenna/OMC| Jenna is left with nothing but memories.

Memory Fades|R|100 words|Jenna/Steve| It's a new face that she sees.

Stand Alone Fic

Wanker: Steve

Adrenaline Rush|NC-17|373 words|Steve/Danny| Steve's got an adrenaline rush and he needs to take the edge off.

Morning Swim|NC-17|200 words|Steve no pairing|Steve enjoys those perfect Hawaiian mornings.

Lecture Me |NC-17|777 words|Steve/Danny| Steve loves Danny's voice...he loves it a lot.

Silence|R|100 words| Steve/Danny| Steve’s used to the silence.

Cold Turkey|R|100 words|Steve/Danny|Steve knows that he has to move on.

Transferable Skills|NC-17|801 words|Steve/Danny|Steve knows how to get Danny into the water.

Lightweight|NC-17|531 words|Steve/Danny|Steve’s too drunk to resist. Or at least that’s what he’ll tell himself later.

Wanker: Danny

Unfulfilled|Danny/Rachel; Steve/Danny| After the events of 1.23 Danny is finding himself strangely unfulfilled.

The Cup|NC-17|643 words|Steve/Danny|Danny has a problem that he needs Steve's help with.

Fantasies|R|100 words|Steve/Danny| It’s all just a fantasy right?

Secret Stash|NC-17|725 words|Steve/Danny|Danny accidentally takes the wrong pills. Oops.

Wanker: Rachel

In the Dark|R|100 words|Rachel/Danny| Rachel can be honest in the dark--if only for a moment.

Alone Together|R|100 words|Danny/Rachel|She’s still all alone.

Wanker: Kono

Everything|R|100 words|Kono/OMC; Kono/OFC; Kono/OMC/OFC|Kono Likes it all.

Arousal|R|100 words|Kono; Steve/Danny|They always turn her on.

Wanker: Chin

Never|R|100 words|Chin/Kono|He knows it’s wrong.

Regret|R|100 words|Chin/Malia; Chin/Laura|Chin has regrets.

Wanker: Malia

The Ring|R|100 words|Chin/Malia|Malia can’t move on.


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