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Between my trip to Vegas and the desire to rewatch the entire series of Supernatural it has engendered in me (see my tumblr and twitter for updates about THE GREAT SPN REWATCH OF 2013), I have gotten a bit behind on my comics. But, never fear, I am catching up!

Here are my thoughts on last week's comics and I should be picking up this week's sometime in the next day or two.

Age of Ultron #2 - This issue is more set up and explanation of the world and some of the characters left to live in it. I've never read Moon Knight before, but he and Natasha seem like a good match together. Appropriately ruthless. Natasha's eye hurts me to look at. I liked the setting of Fury's old hideout for them. The other part of the book is Spidey's story (which I assume gets fleshed out in the AU of his own title) but I have a question. Is this still Ock!Spidey or not? He read more like Peter here to me, but that means nothing. Anyone got any insight? It looks like next issue our heroes go into action. It was good seeing Cap finally stand up to lead and damn his shield was REALLY broken this event. (It seems to get broken in a lot of events...)

Thor: God of Thunder #6 - Here we get Gorr's origin story. The story is pretty predictable. He grows up in a very religious society where everything horrible that can happen does. This leads him to atheism until he realizes that gods are in fact real, which then turns him to his mission of extermination. The most interesting part of this issue for me was his interaction with Volstagg. Volstagg rightly calls a spade a spade and questions Gorr about his own godhood. Gorr seems to have never questioned what his own immortality and immense power since gaining his god killing weapon means. Also, how strange was it to see such a slim, muscular Volstagg?! I was having all sorts of Volstagg feels. He was just so strong and heroic despite his immense suffering.

Fearless Defenders #2 - We are still meeting characters and spending time on how they interact with each other, and I'm enjoying it. I'm really liking the fun, adventurous tone of this book. It makes me happy.

Uncanny X-Men #3 - This was such a good issue! The beauty of this being Cyclops' comic is that we get to see the things that he is right about instead of just the things that he is wrong about. I loved his little convo with Cap. And speaking of Cap, I loved the way our Time Stopping mutant really related to him even before she got her powers and then all the kids had a bit of a starstruck moment when he showed up. All the things with Magneto are fun. Is he a spy? A double agent? A double, double agent? And finally, I love the snarky little moments between Emma and Scott that don't do anything to hide the real, deep trust they still have for each other. So, I wonder how many of Wolverine's students are going to jump ship for Cyclops' school?

Fantastic Four #5 - This was a Ides of March themed issue involving time travel to Ancient Rome. I'm glad to see Reed come clean with Sue and it was nice to see him panic about his illness in his own way. I love his more human moments. I'm a bit concerned about Ben because something seemed to happen to him during the gladiator fight. Is he getting sick now too? And finally who was that alien!Caesar and what is he up to in the present timeline? And why does he seem focused on Johnny?

That was it for last week. What did you all think about comics last week?
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I managed to get my comics and read them in between all the packing for the trip to Las Vegas tomorrow! Go me! Anyway, here are my thoughts, I'd love to hear yours.

Iron Man #7 - *sigh* This issue was entertaining, but not for the reasons it should have been. Is it really too much to ask for this comic to actually be good, not just bad-good? Space gladiator Tony fighting aliens in hand-to-hand combat is not really what I signed up for. Also there was too much exposition with 451 and of course Land is still doing the art, which is never a good thing. Although, I do find the fact that Tony was deemed innocent of "hubris in the first degree" highly entertaining because if there was ever a crime Tony was guilty of, that is it.

A + X #5 - I picked this up for the Loki story by Gillen, but also because Iron Fist was on the cover and who can resist that? Anyway, the Iron Fist - Doop story made no sense to me, but I enjoyed the Loki one. Imagine if Doom had created a clone of Loki? That would be fun times for the Marvel U.

Red She-Hulk #63 - This is the best comic that I don't think anyone is actually reading. The characters are fun and there is a lovely wry humor to it all. Machine Man has fast become a character that I love and I am starting to seriously ship him with Betty. There is just something really perfect about his wry, robotic calm and her fiery Hulkness. They make a really excellent team. A few thoughts on this particular issue: I loved the talk show recapping all the known Hulks. I'm also glad that Bruce has been brought up now. So what are the chances that he figures out what's going on? I mean Maria was acting shady as hell trying to keep him from figuring out that Betty was SHIELD's current target. Then there are all the villain's I'm more used to seeing in the F4 coming out of the woodwork this week, including the Mole Man and the Mad Thinker. It should make for an interesting next issue.

All New X-Men #8 - This was a fabulous issue. We got a much closer look at Warren and how he is adjusting--or not--to this new time period. We also got a hilarious scene of Kitty and Bobby mocking Cap and Beast. So the Avengers now know what is going on, and young!Scott maturely confronted Cap and told him that he knows they've been disagreeing a lot (referring to old!Scott) but he is trying to change things. He got a "nicely done" from Wolverine out of it! The end of the book was scary though, with Warren having a well deserved freak out about who he eventually becomes and Jean just mind controlling him into happiness. It was horrifying to me at least, and probably to most of the characters who were staring at her jaws dropped on the last page. BTW, the time travel makes this comic confusing to discuss, duplicate characters and a mess of tenses make my tired head hurt.

Avengers #7 - This was mostly a set up issue and interesting enough for what it was. After having read Hickman's F4 run I know to expect a fair number of set up issues that seem out of place or confusing or even boring over the course of the first year or so of the title. After that he will start connecting so many dots my mind will be blown. I can be patient. :)

Age of Ultron #1 - This is the start of the Age of Ultron event and a very promising event it is. I like that we started in the middle of the action instead of having a lengthy build up, I'm sure we will pick up more details as we go. This issue focused mostly on Hawkeye and Spider-Man and I kinda love the way Hawkeye is clearly being a strong moral center in this issue, refusing to let the dystopic world stop him from being the hero that he is. He will save his friends even if the others deem it too dangerous. Speaking of the others, there is quite an eclectic group all living together that includes such unlikely allies as Tony and Emma Frost. I suppose dystopias create new status quos. The way the issue ended, with Tony expressing his faith in Cap, Hawkeye not so much agreeing, and Cap looking thoroughly broken down, definitely makes me want the next issue. For all you Hawkeye fans out there, this event is looking promising for his character.

So what do you all think? What else are you reading?
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Apparently all the comics ever came out this week and I read most of them. Lol. Without further ado here are my thoughts on all of them plus this week's Supernatural:

Hawkeye #8 - This was so good. I honestly can not get enough of this comic. The joke about Clint always getting mistaken for Danny Rand was hilarious and straight to the fans. Kate was amazing as usual because of course she wasn't going to be stupid like Clint. No prison for her. I lolled at Tony being concerned about the moral reputation of the Avengers...not because it wasn't accurate, but mostly cause it is ironic. lol. And my heart ached just a little when Hawkeye admitted to himself that he's being an idiot partially because he is scared of a serious relationship with Jessica and this is a way to end that. A bad way of course. I am interested to see how things work out with the Kingpin showing up.

FF #4 - This is such a fun comic. I mean in one issue they managed to touch on a few super important things, but mostly it was just She-Hulk having a date. It was seriously soooo good, though. The confrontation between Scott Lang and Alex Powers was so perfect. I never read the Power Pack, but I really like Alex in this book as the 19 year old, experienced hero compared to the rest of the Foundation. He was right to tell Scott that he was letting his grief over Cassie unduly influence him into asking the kids to figure out how to kill Doom. I love that Alex also pointed out the Foundation is a bit questionable even at the best of times. The Moloids and Bentley trying to ruin Jen's date, but accidentally making it perfect instead was awesome. The confrontation between Old!Johnny and Darla was heartbreaking. He doesn't remember her because there have been so many girls. Ugh. Basically awesome comic is awesome.

Young Avengers #2 - Oh Loki, let me count the ways that I love you. I unapologetically love this comic because it's fun. It is very different than the prior run of the series, but that is what happens when writers change and the vision changes with them. I still love the characters and I like Gillen's style here (so much more than on Iron Man) so they have me for the long haul. Also, the box pages? Brilliant. My mom wants me to make copies of them for her (she always flips through my comics with an eye to the art because she has an art degree).

Guardians of the Galaxy #.1 - This issue is basically a retelling of Star Lord's origin for new readers and it is very well done for what it is. I have no prior experience with Peter Quill, but after reading this I feel connected to him emotionally and want to know more about him and the team. I'll definitely check out the actual first issue and not just because I am a Tony fan. :)

Uncanny X-Men #2 - I know it's not always the popular ship, but I freaking love Scott/Emma because of the way they communicate. I love when characters talk about things in open and honest ways. I mean they are so mature together. In this issue they even discuss the fact that they shouldn't get back together because too much has happened and Scott hates himself too much to be with anyone right now. And her telepathy is on the fritz so it really was them just talking openly and honestly. So freaking honestly and respectfully. It gave me so many feels. Other than that, I hate the new costumes--Emma should be wearing white not back!--and I am interested to see what happens when they face off with the Avengers next issue.

Uncanny Avengers #4 - This is my guilty pleasure book and I am still loving it ridiculous narration and all. This issue could basically be summarized without spoilers as: The one where Shiny has major Thor feels because Thor is the most perfect person ever. I mean other good things happened in the book. Rogue was funny, Havok was pretty cool, Wanda was badass, etc. but basically I came out of the issue with hearts in my eyes for Thor...not that that is a new phenomena for me. I scanned a page to show you all why.

spoilers for Uncanny Avengers #4 )

Journey Into Mystery #649 - I liked this issue a bit better than the previous ones, mostly because there were cameos by several different heroes, but I still don't really think this series is for me. I can't seem to find a place to emotionally connect with Sif which makes me sad considering how much I want to like her. Part of that is the arc they are writing, so I keep trying to stick with it until this arc is resolved, but it's getting harder care. I mean I shouldn't find Ock!Spidey and Namor the best parts of this issue. lol.

Deadpool Killustrated #2 - Basically this is for people that want to watch Deadpool go on a "metacide" rampage killing all the classical literature characters that inspire the comics. I find all the fourth wall breaking amusing and enjoy the way Deadpool sees the literary characters as the Marvel ones they inspired (Ahab as Thunderbolt Ross for example). It's just some nice, out of continuity, excessively violent, entertainment.

Supernatural - I liked this ep quite a lot. Overall I liked the way they did the Prometheus and Zeus bits although I kind of question the idea of making Artemis have romance motivations. That is pretty out of character. I did love that Sam knew what he was doing and I love the faith I am having in Sam these days. But, let's be honest, my favorite part of the episode was Dean praying to Cas at the end. It was so open and honest and just, when Dean has those monologues like that it kills me. The relationship between Cas and Dean is so complex and moving. When he looked around to see if Cas had appeared at the end? Well I was crying. lol. I'm very glad that even without actually being in the episode they managed to make Cas a presence.

So what did you all think about any of the above? What else have you been reading/watching? How many of you need a box of tissues after Batman Incorporated #8?
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I picked up a ton of issues this week and while I was there I finally signed up for a pull list. My local shop gives a 15% discount on any titles on your pull list and at the rate I am buying I need all the discount I can get! Plus this way I can do my part to support some of the smaller titles because my shop barely buys any Hawkeye or Captain Marvel, but now they know that I want it for sure. Anyway onto the comics:

Captain Marvel #10 - I am enjoying seeing Carol at home in New York this issue and last. I like the cast of characters around her from her cat to the people in her neighborhood. This new arc has my attention. There is always something appealing about seeing a superpowered person having to adjust to a physical limitation or accept a flaw in their powers. I enjoyed the Captain America cameo (Carol's thoughts about him are so true! I too love him even though he can be a patronizing son of a--) and can't wait to see what the flying cycle is going to look like done up Captain Marvel style.

Captain America #4 - This book is really not my kind of thing. The alternate dimension, huge time-skips, and isolation from the rest of the Marvel U make it a book I am thisclose to dropping. Today's issue started to pull me in though. The wild surroundings have finally given way to the kind of intimate character exploration a book like this SHOULD be. There have been aspects of that before, but with this issue I've finally been engaged with Cap's character in both the flashbacks and the present. I'm still not sure if I'll keep buying this one after the first arc though. It really depends on where it is going.

Indestructible Hulk #4 - I really, really enjoy this series. I love the direction they are taking both the Hulk and Banner in this series and I love the way SHIELD and Maria in particular have been portrayed so far. There is also a certain wry humor that I really love in Bruce's narration. My favorite part of this issue was seeing the way Banner has been living in that creepy faux town and meeting his new assistants. I am very interested to see where that goes. I also want to know who he was calling to confirm that he was okay...and what's going to happen if he misses a check in?

Daredevil #23 - This is the designated Marvel Now jumping on point for Daredevil. I've read a few years worth of Daredevil (the beginning of volume 2), but haven't been reading it recently. I've heard good things about Waid's run on the book though so this seemed like a good place to check it out. This issue is setting up a story that revolves around Matt's origin and his relationship with Foggy, putting both at the front and center of the plot. Because of that I think this really is a good jumping on point for people unfamiliar with Matt's world. I like it when comics acknowledge that a lot of the origin stories would lead to death in the real world and seeing a villain trying to recreate Daredevil's was creepy. There is a lot of potential in that. The reveal that Foggy has cancer makes me wonder what is going on in Marvel. Everyone seems to be getting cancers and lesions in this relaunch. I guess all that background superhero creating radiation is catching up to the Marvel U.

Thor: God of Thunder #5 - I love this series and just realized that most of the things that frustrate me about the Captain America series are being done here too (time-skips, not much involvement from the rest of the Marvel U, not on Earth for the most part, etc.). Just better. At least in my Thor loving opinion. lol. Anyway, I love how character focused this story is and how much we get to see about Thor in all stages of his life. I particularly like seeing past!Thor's flaws and how he has grown in the present. That being said, the parts that focus on the God Butcher's story aren't exactly riveting to me so I am not exactly thrilled about him getting a whole comic devoted to his history next month. That aside this series is one of my favorites in the Marvel Now and I am glad that at least one of my two favorite characters is getting a good relaunch. *cries quiet tears of Iron Man mediocrity and bad art*

Deadpool #5 - Deadpool has been one of my most fun reads in the Marvel Now. I mean what's not to like about Wade killing the zombiefied former presidents? But ultimately the books have a lot of jokes being thrown out to see what sticks and so it was bound to hit an issue that didn't work for me. In my opinion this issue didn't work as well as the prior four, however Wade is still love and it is setting up some potentially interesting things. I wasn't too thrilled with Agent Preston getting killed because, well, how many black women are there in comics? But to be fair she is a SHIELD agent so life can be dangerous. Also with the Necromancer there I am not sure if the death will stick fully anyway. Just please don't make her a zombie that Wade will have to kill.

I suppose the one thing I liked about the whole thing was that we saw Wade's deadly serious side for a moment. The side that says: hey, I don't have many friends and I won't let you kill them. I love Wade for his light-hearted nature, however the dark edge and touch of angst that peeks through sometimes makes me LOVE him. I'm glad this creative team hasn't forgotten that that side exists.

Avengers #6 - Let me start off by saying that I enjoyed the quieter tone of this issue where we got to see a bit of the in-between missions time. I also love that we are getting an Avengers team where the majority of the issue was a conversation between Shang-Chi, a Chinese man, and Captain Universe, currently an African-American woman. Diversity is good people. Anyway, this issue was a welcome relief from all the action, although...

cut for spoilers and discussion of Avengers #6 )

What do you all think? What are you reading?
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So [ profile] yalumesse and I were talking and realized our mutual love of a nuanced and respectful portrayal of Thor...or more correctly we were complaining about all the dumb/capslock Thor there is out in the fandom. In order to try to foster more awesome and respectful Thor characterization, or at least create a place where you can find the good stuff, we made a comm:

thor comm pimp
[ profile] always_worthy [ profile] always_worthy [ profile] always_worthy

We welcome all fanworks and discussion relating to the character of Thor from comics, cartoons, and movies. Het, slash, and gen is all welcome! All we ask is that you leave your dumb/capslock Thor at home because we are dedicated to appreciating him for the nuanced character that he is!

Please come join us and lets give Thor all the love he deserves!!
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First off I have to share to this video that I first found through the Marvel AR while reading F4 this week. It is about Matt Fraction's family and how it is similar to the F4 and how family influences his writing, but also how being a writer influences his parenting. What that means is you get to see inside his and Kelly Sue Deconnick's life a little and meet their kids. It is adorable. You can watch it here at MTV Geek.

Okay, now on to the comics and shows I've watched this week.

Fantastic Four #4 - This was a perfect Valentine's issue. I realize that I may be the only person who likes Reed Richards, but the way Hickman and now Fraction write him I really do like him and his relationship with Sue. It's not perfect and he is a very flawed man, but I get him and I like seeing a relationship that does require work, but that is also deep and built on love. This issue is basically a love letter from Reed to Sue and we see their first meeting in his recollections, which has been tweaked to age her up (thankfully!) since the last time Marvel showed it. Anyway, there is a beautiful twist in the issue where we discover that the cave paintings they find were actually done by Reed having gone back in time to paint them as a reminder to himself not to take Sue or his family for granted. He even paints a heart around her! I'm glad that it seems like Reed is about to tell her the truth about their trip and it only took four issues and a slightly stern face from her to get him there. This is an improvement!

Secret Avengers #1 - I didn't like this comic. It was well written and set up what could be a really interesting plot...but it was done in a way that made me uncomfortable. The issue got good reviews and focused on Hawkeye and Nat which meant I wanted to like it...but...
All the mind wiping as a function of the job made me uncomfortable to start with especially since the tech was introduced to Clint and Nat before they gave their permission. And lets just take a moment here to ask why Marvel must continue messing with Nat's head? Okay, then the big spoiler at the end? That Fury Jr. shot Clint and set him up to be interrogated via torture, telepath, etc. just so Maria could make sure that SHIELD's new mind wipe tech works under stress? That made me mad and uncomfortable as fuck. Basically if this comic turns out to be about Clint and Nat finding out what is going on and bringing the program down I will happily go back and read it, but right now I just don't like what I am seeing. Also I am a bit apprehensive about what this tech could mean for SHIELD's activities across all lines in the future.

Uncanny X-Men #1 This book goes hand in hand with All New X-Men so I picked it up as well. I am glad I did cause as I mention below, I love Cyclops and I love seeing all this plot revolve around him. He really does hurt so pretty. But OMG, the last page... Magneto is working with Maria Hill to discredit Cyclops?! This is going to be so good. Epic even.

All New X-Men #1-7 - I finally caved and read these after hearing such good things. I like Cyclops and love that he is getting some really meaty well developed fascinating stories to work with and this book has TWO Scotts running around! And both of them hurt so pretty! Beyond just Scott, there really is a lot of delicious character focused story telling because of bringing that first X-Men team forward in time. I am very much looking forward to seeing where this one goes over time.

Arrow - This was a fabulous episode and if the Slade/Ollie fic doesn't start getting written (and to a lesser extent the Dig/Felicity) then I just don't understand fandom. I really loved how focused this episode was on the island with only a few flashes to the present. Every scene in both places felt real and necessary to the story in a way that isn't always true of this show. Slade was fabulous both in the fights and just interacting with Ollie and I really hope we keep him on the show for a very long time.

Supernatural - When the show has both me and my mom cheering for Sam and telling him how awesome he is you know its a good episode. I mean we both like him, but usually that only happens with Dean and Cas in my house. I am very, very excited about the direction the show is taking with his character and can't wait to see how it plays out. I'm worried about Kevin and his nosebleeds and those pills Dean gave him though...

Elementary - Of course Sherlock knew about Joan. There was no way he didn't, but I am glad it is out in the open and their new working relationship has been defined. I continue to love the emotion that we see in this version of Sherlock. I love that he wants her to be safe and instead of the usual and sexist tropes of either trying to protect her himself or turning her away for her own good he just wants to make sure she is trained. I approve. I'm also glad that we got to see more of Bell's life and the place he holds in Sherlock's world.

So what do you all think? What have you been reading/watching?

Trope Bingo

Jan. 7th, 2013 10:52 pm
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All the cool kids were doing it and I really need to get my creative juices flowing again so I signed up for [community profile] trope_bingo. Here is my card:

Trope Bingo )
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Title: In this present moment
Author: [ profile] shinysylver
Rating: NC-17
Universe : MCU
Pairing/Characters: Steve/Thor, Steve/Bucky
Word Count: 1550
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Marvel Universes. Not even one.
Summary: What Steve has with Thor helps ground him in the present, but he can't forget the past.
Author's/artist's notes (if any) : Written for [ profile] punahukka at [ profile] avengersfest. Thanks to [ profile] ariadne83 and [ profile] somehowunbroken for betaing and [ profile] camshaft22 for being an amazingly supportive alpha reader.

At the Exchange | On AO3
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[ profile] beacon_hills is having a character challenge where we have to do fanworks about Danny Mahealani. I made five icons and wrote an exact 100 word drabble. The drabble hints at the idea of Stiles/Danny.

icons )
drabble )

Mini Nano

Dec. 8th, 2012 02:12 am
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Due to the horrible sore throat followed by hacking cough, I'm a bit late posting this up, but I am pleased to say that I:

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I had a lot of fun doing [community profile] fandom_stocking last year so I signed up again this year. My stocking can be found here.

No pressure, but I'll appreciate anything you all want to give me, including well wishes. :D

If anyone else is participating this year, please link me to your stockings in the comments so I can start stuffing! :D
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I had the opportunity to make art for [ profile] gala_apples' fic "Until" written for this year's [ profile] marvel_bang. It's a Darcy/Jane/Thor fic and you can find it on AO3 here.

And here is the header I made: )
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I had the opportunity to make art for [ profile] honeybearbee's fic "I don't want to forget how your voice sounds" written for this year's [ profile] dcu_bang. It's a Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent fic set in Smallville/Nolanverse cross. You can find it on AO3 here.

And here is the header I made: )
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Title: Over and Over Again
Author: [ profile] shinysylver
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: gen (Derek, Deaton, Stiles)
Word Count: 502
Summary: What if Derek woke up in episode 2.10 (Fury) and was no longer an alpha? What if Peter had taken his alpha powers, leaving Derek a beta again?
Author's Note: Written for a What If? challenge at [ profile] beacon_hills. We had to keep it to ~500 words or less. My entry was voted third place. :D

Over and Over Again
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Title: The More Things Change...
Author: [ profile] shinysylver
Artist: [ profile] crazyfoolstiney
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles pre-slash
Word Count: 5800
Warnings: none, although there is some grief relating to a pre-series canonical death
Summary: Stiles hates Halloween. He hates Halloween for a lot of reasons, but the most immediate issue is the zombies that have him trapped up a tree. Of course there are zombies in Beacon Hills. It’s not like the anniversary of his mom’s death is hard enough without wondering if she’s risen from her grave.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] zombiebang. This is hopefully the first of many stories based around holidays in Beacon Hills and how Stiles and Derek's relationship develops around them.
Author's Note 2: Thanks to [ profile] crazyfoolstiney for the great art and thanks to [ profile] somehowunbroken and [ profile] jesseofthenorth for betaing!

Fic on AO3: The More Things Change...
Art on LJ: crazyfoolstiney's art
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Title: Compulsion
Author: [ profile] shinysylver & [ profile] ariadne83
Characters/Pairing: Dean/Cas, Naomi, Sam
Word Count: 727
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Major spoilers for 8.07.
Summary: Cas tells Naomi everything, but none of it is useful. She should've been more specific with her questions.
Author's Note: This is what happens when squee turns into cracky IM fic.

shinysylver: (avengers - steve/thor)
Title: Spread Wide
Author: [ profile] shinysylver
Characters/Pairing: Steve/Thor
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 2007
Rating: NC-17
Content Notes: Contains fisting, dildos, stretching kink, and size kink.
Summary: Thor is late, so Steve starts without him. Thor doesn't mind.
Author's Note: Sequel to Deep Inside, but stands alone. Thanks to [ profile] somehowunbroken for the beta.

Spread Wide


Nov. 14th, 2012 04:30 pm
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Guys! [ profile] somehowunbroken is the absolute best! She created a podcast of one of my DCU fic for my birthday! It sounds awesome and I love hearing my fic. :D

She podficced this fic:

Only Logical | PG | Bruce Wayne/Wally West preslash | Batman doesn't need anyone to take care of him. Flash does anyway.

And you can find her podfic here:

podfic of Only Logical


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