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Apparently all the comics ever came out this week and I read most of them. Lol. Without further ado here are my thoughts on all of them plus this week's Supernatural:

Hawkeye #8 - This was so good. I honestly can not get enough of this comic. The joke about Clint always getting mistaken for Danny Rand was hilarious and straight to the fans. Kate was amazing as usual because of course she wasn't going to be stupid like Clint. No prison for her. I lolled at Tony being concerned about the moral reputation of the Avengers...not because it wasn't accurate, but mostly cause it is ironic. lol. And my heart ached just a little when Hawkeye admitted to himself that he's being an idiot partially because he is scared of a serious relationship with Jessica and this is a way to end that. A bad way of course. I am interested to see how things work out with the Kingpin showing up.

FF #4 - This is such a fun comic. I mean in one issue they managed to touch on a few super important things, but mostly it was just She-Hulk having a date. It was seriously soooo good, though. The confrontation between Scott Lang and Alex Powers was so perfect. I never read the Power Pack, but I really like Alex in this book as the 19 year old, experienced hero compared to the rest of the Foundation. He was right to tell Scott that he was letting his grief over Cassie unduly influence him into asking the kids to figure out how to kill Doom. I love that Alex also pointed out the Foundation is a bit questionable even at the best of times. The Moloids and Bentley trying to ruin Jen's date, but accidentally making it perfect instead was awesome. The confrontation between Old!Johnny and Darla was heartbreaking. He doesn't remember her because there have been so many girls. Ugh. Basically awesome comic is awesome.

Young Avengers #2 - Oh Loki, let me count the ways that I love you. I unapologetically love this comic because it's fun. It is very different than the prior run of the series, but that is what happens when writers change and the vision changes with them. I still love the characters and I like Gillen's style here (so much more than on Iron Man) so they have me for the long haul. Also, the box pages? Brilliant. My mom wants me to make copies of them for her (she always flips through my comics with an eye to the art because she has an art degree).

Guardians of the Galaxy #.1 - This issue is basically a retelling of Star Lord's origin for new readers and it is very well done for what it is. I have no prior experience with Peter Quill, but after reading this I feel connected to him emotionally and want to know more about him and the team. I'll definitely check out the actual first issue and not just because I am a Tony fan. :)

Uncanny X-Men #2 - I know it's not always the popular ship, but I freaking love Scott/Emma because of the way they communicate. I love when characters talk about things in open and honest ways. I mean they are so mature together. In this issue they even discuss the fact that they shouldn't get back together because too much has happened and Scott hates himself too much to be with anyone right now. And her telepathy is on the fritz so it really was them just talking openly and honestly. So freaking honestly and respectfully. It gave me so many feels. Other than that, I hate the new costumes--Emma should be wearing white not back!--and I am interested to see what happens when they face off with the Avengers next issue.

Uncanny Avengers #4 - This is my guilty pleasure book and I am still loving it ridiculous narration and all. This issue could basically be summarized without spoilers as: The one where Shiny has major Thor feels because Thor is the most perfect person ever. I mean other good things happened in the book. Rogue was funny, Havok was pretty cool, Wanda was badass, etc. but basically I came out of the issue with hearts in my eyes for Thor...not that that is a new phenomena for me. I scanned a page to show you all why.

spoilers for Uncanny Avengers #4 )

Journey Into Mystery #649 - I liked this issue a bit better than the previous ones, mostly because there were cameos by several different heroes, but I still don't really think this series is for me. I can't seem to find a place to emotionally connect with Sif which makes me sad considering how much I want to like her. Part of that is the arc they are writing, so I keep trying to stick with it until this arc is resolved, but it's getting harder care. I mean I shouldn't find Ock!Spidey and Namor the best parts of this issue. lol.

Deadpool Killustrated #2 - Basically this is for people that want to watch Deadpool go on a "metacide" rampage killing all the classical literature characters that inspire the comics. I find all the fourth wall breaking amusing and enjoy the way Deadpool sees the literary characters as the Marvel ones they inspired (Ahab as Thunderbolt Ross for example). It's just some nice, out of continuity, excessively violent, entertainment.

Supernatural - I liked this ep quite a lot. Overall I liked the way they did the Prometheus and Zeus bits although I kind of question the idea of making Artemis have romance motivations. That is pretty out of character. I did love that Sam knew what he was doing and I love the faith I am having in Sam these days. But, let's be honest, my favorite part of the episode was Dean praying to Cas at the end. It was so open and honest and just, when Dean has those monologues like that it kills me. The relationship between Cas and Dean is so complex and moving. When he looked around to see if Cas had appeared at the end? Well I was crying. lol. I'm very glad that even without actually being in the episode they managed to make Cas a presence.

So what did you all think about any of the above? What else have you been reading/watching? How many of you need a box of tissues after Batman Incorporated #8?
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First off I have to share to this video that I first found through the Marvel AR while reading F4 this week. It is about Matt Fraction's family and how it is similar to the F4 and how family influences his writing, but also how being a writer influences his parenting. What that means is you get to see inside his and Kelly Sue Deconnick's life a little and meet their kids. It is adorable. You can watch it here at MTV Geek.

Okay, now on to the comics and shows I've watched this week.

Fantastic Four #4 - This was a perfect Valentine's issue. I realize that I may be the only person who likes Reed Richards, but the way Hickman and now Fraction write him I really do like him and his relationship with Sue. It's not perfect and he is a very flawed man, but I get him and I like seeing a relationship that does require work, but that is also deep and built on love. This issue is basically a love letter from Reed to Sue and we see their first meeting in his recollections, which has been tweaked to age her up (thankfully!) since the last time Marvel showed it. Anyway, there is a beautiful twist in the issue where we discover that the cave paintings they find were actually done by Reed having gone back in time to paint them as a reminder to himself not to take Sue or his family for granted. He even paints a heart around her! I'm glad that it seems like Reed is about to tell her the truth about their trip and it only took four issues and a slightly stern face from her to get him there. This is an improvement!

Secret Avengers #1 - I didn't like this comic. It was well written and set up what could be a really interesting plot...but it was done in a way that made me uncomfortable. The issue got good reviews and focused on Hawkeye and Nat which meant I wanted to like it...but...
All the mind wiping as a function of the job made me uncomfortable to start with especially since the tech was introduced to Clint and Nat before they gave their permission. And lets just take a moment here to ask why Marvel must continue messing with Nat's head? Okay, then the big spoiler at the end? That Fury Jr. shot Clint and set him up to be interrogated via torture, telepath, etc. just so Maria could make sure that SHIELD's new mind wipe tech works under stress? That made me mad and uncomfortable as fuck. Basically if this comic turns out to be about Clint and Nat finding out what is going on and bringing the program down I will happily go back and read it, but right now I just don't like what I am seeing. Also I am a bit apprehensive about what this tech could mean for SHIELD's activities across all lines in the future.

Uncanny X-Men #1 This book goes hand in hand with All New X-Men so I picked it up as well. I am glad I did cause as I mention below, I love Cyclops and I love seeing all this plot revolve around him. He really does hurt so pretty. But OMG, the last page... Magneto is working with Maria Hill to discredit Cyclops?! This is going to be so good. Epic even.

All New X-Men #1-7 - I finally caved and read these after hearing such good things. I like Cyclops and love that he is getting some really meaty well developed fascinating stories to work with and this book has TWO Scotts running around! And both of them hurt so pretty! Beyond just Scott, there really is a lot of delicious character focused story telling because of bringing that first X-Men team forward in time. I am very much looking forward to seeing where this one goes over time.

Arrow - This was a fabulous episode and if the Slade/Ollie fic doesn't start getting written (and to a lesser extent the Dig/Felicity) then I just don't understand fandom. I really loved how focused this episode was on the island with only a few flashes to the present. Every scene in both places felt real and necessary to the story in a way that isn't always true of this show. Slade was fabulous both in the fights and just interacting with Ollie and I really hope we keep him on the show for a very long time.

Supernatural - When the show has both me and my mom cheering for Sam and telling him how awesome he is you know its a good episode. I mean we both like him, but usually that only happens with Dean and Cas in my house. I am very, very excited about the direction the show is taking with his character and can't wait to see how it plays out. I'm worried about Kevin and his nosebleeds and those pills Dean gave him though...

Elementary - Of course Sherlock knew about Joan. There was no way he didn't, but I am glad it is out in the open and their new working relationship has been defined. I continue to love the emotion that we see in this version of Sherlock. I love that he wants her to be safe and instead of the usual and sexist tropes of either trying to protect her himself or turning her away for her own good he just wants to make sure she is trained. I approve. I'm also glad that we got to see more of Bell's life and the place he holds in Sherlock's world.

So what do you all think? What have you been reading/watching?


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