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Master List of Fic

This is the master list of fic that I have written. All fic are complete unless marked as WIP. The fic range from G to NC-17 and all ratings and warnings are listed in the header before the fic after you follow the links. I write a lot of porn including some heavy kinks so please, please look at the warnings and/or content notes before you read.

All of the Fic below can also be found at my AO3 account here: shinysylver.

Feel free to friend me for my fic but if you would like to be friended back please either leave me a comment introducing yourself or send me a PM.

Without further ado here are the fic:

Het Pairings
Other Slash/Femslash Pairings
Series Links

Because We Care | PG | 567 | When Danny gets a call about Matt, the entire team is there for him. | AO3
Blame Gravity | PG | 300 | Steve doesn't share well.
Classified | PG | 392 | Of course there are aliens in Hawaii.
Guarding the Ledge | R | 852 | Danny is wrecked after the events of 1x18 but Steve is there. Episode tag to 1x18.
Kanani | PG | 500 | Grace wants a doll. Danny wonders why it had to be Hawaiian.
The Last Word | PG-13 | 527 | Steve finally gets the last word.
Stings Like Burning | PG-13 | 1608 | Danny's attempts at snorkeling end poorly but Steve is there to help...if you can call that help.
WMD: Weapons of Musical Destruction | PG | 296 | Steve’s musical tastes prove to be more than just bad. They are downright destructive.

Adrenaline Rush | NC-17 | 373 | Steve's got an adrenaline rush and he needs to take the edge off.
All I've Ever Known | PG | 979 | With DADT gone, Steve is finally ready to show the world how he feels about Danny.
All Tied Up | R | 1490 | Steve is never doing this again.
Anchor: A Reassuring Cuddle | PG | 473 | Danny needs reassurance...
Ask and Tell | R | 3223 | The repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell changes everything.
Be Still | PG | 100 | Danny is desperate.
Bliss | PG-13 | 1356 | Steve and Danny are accidentally dosed with ecstasy.
Bonus Points | NC-17 | 1418 | Steve and Danny sneak away for some personal time during Chin and Malia's wedding reception. [at h50_exchange] | AO3
A Bridge in Brooklyn | PG-13 | 345 | Kono gives Danny grief and Steve ideas.
Broke Apart My Inside | NC-17 | 1065 | Steve remembers the first time with Danny.
Broken | PG | 1233 | Now that Danny is gone Steve is angry and reckless.
Burn | NC-17 | 100 | There is carpet burn...
Buzz Cut | NC-17 | 1243 | Danny misses the curls, but he'll miss Steve more.
Canned Air | PG | 558 | Steve hates waiting.
Caring for You | R | 1082 | Steve wants to take care of Danny.
Chill | PG | 100 | Danny is cold.
Choices | PG-13 | 1135 | Danny finally confronts Steve.
Cinders | NC-17 | 1003 | Steve is obsessed with vengeance and Danny can’t take it any more.
A Close Shave | NC-17 | 1374 | Danny wants Steve to shave so he has to too.
Cold Turkey | R | 100 | Steve knows that he has to move on.
Come to Life | R | 1669 | Steve has to confront some things about himself
Concealed Weapon | NC-17 | 705 | Steve needs to learn how to properly frisk a suspect.
Crowd Pleaser | NC-17 | 690 | Steve sets the stage and Danny enjoys the show.
The Cup | NC-17 | 643 | Danny has a problem that he needs Steve's help with.
Curtain Call | NC-17 | 907 | Catherine pays Steve a surprise visit and gets an unexpected show.
Cut My Life into Pieces | NC-17 | 940 | Danny wants payback.
Darkest Side of Me | NC-17 | 1384 | Danny can't take it anymore.
Darkness Before Dawn | PG-13 | 1466 | Steve's down but you can never count a SEAL out.
Direct Message | NC-17 | 539 | Steve and Danny need to learn how to use a direct message...
Driver's Seat | NC-17 | 1200 | Danny's supposed to be watching the road... (with [personal profile] jesseofthenorth)
Egg Whites | PG | 100 | Steve should be grateful.
Episode V: The Empire Fucks Back | R | 472 | Danny finds something surprising on Steve's DVD shelf. Or the one where they talk about porn. | AO3
Explosive Catalyst | PG | 299 | Steve was the only thing that mattered.
Fading into Beautiful Light | NC-17 | 20,118 | When Rachel is killed Steve has his work cut out for him trying to hold Danny and Grace together. He may be the only one who really understands Grace’s pain but between Danny taking his own anger out on Steve and all of the unresolved feelings between the two of them nothing is easy.
Family First | PG | 733 | Steve is nervous.
Family Tree | PG | 409 | Grace has to fill out a family tree, which leads to surprising developments.
Fantasies | PG-13 | 100 | It's all just a fantasy right?
Five Minutes | NC-17 | 1055 | Steve likes to push himself to the limit.
Goodnight Danny | PG | 650 | Danny needs reassurance.
Han's Not Solo | NC-17 | 1016 | Danny loses a bet.
A Helping Hand | NC-17 | 831 | Steve needs some help and Danny is willing to give it. Coda for 1.20.
Hide Myself Away | PG-13 | 622 | Danny learned early in life that he wasn't like everyone else.
Hold Me Up | PG-13 | 1231 | Danny's still having nightmares.
Hold On | PG | 200 | Steve needs Danny to hold on just a little longer.
Home Is with the Heart | PG | 1246 | New Jersey isn't quite how Danny remembered.
I Set Fire to Our Bed | NC-17 | 798 | Steve won't be ignored.
Ill-Fitting | NC-17 | 1023 | Danny knows what everyone sees when they look at him, everyone but Steve.
In My Time of Dying | R | 5371 | When Steve is infected by the virus he loses hope but Danny refuses to let him die. No matter what Steve thinks, Danny knows that he will fight off the fever and survive...even though none of the others did.
In the Open | PG | 1820 | Steve's booze may taste like paint thinner, but it gets the job done. Or the one where Steve realizes that life is too short.
Inappropriate | PG-13 | 500 | Danny's not very pleased with Steve's idea of appropriate dinner conversation.
Insecurities | NC-17 | 630 | Steve wants her to know that Danny is taken.
The Journey | PG | 500 | Life with Danny is always about the journey.
Just Breathe | PG | 397 | Steve won't give up.
Kiss It Better | PG | 780 | Whether you are a ten year old girl or a 35 year old Navy SEAL a kiss always makes it better. [at kissemdanno]
A Knight and His Squire | NC-17 | 1176 | Danny just happens to own some chain mail...
Late Night Feature | NC-17 | 659 | Steve likes putting on a show...he likes it a lot.
Learning to Compromise | NC-17 | 1419 | Danny is tired of always doing what Steve wants.
Lecture Me | NC-17 | 777 | Steve loves Danny's voice...he loves it a lot.
A Left Turn | NC-17 | 1059 | Danny comes clean and his relationship with Steve takes a left turn.
Letting Go | R | 1136 | Danny realizes that sometimes you just have to let go.
Lightweight | NC-17 | 531 |Steve's too drunk to resist. Or at least that's what he'll tell himself later.
Like Father, Like Daughter | G | 203 | Steve receives an unexpected Valentine.
Louder Than Words | PG | 780 | Steve gives Danny an unexpected gift.
Make a Brand New Ending | PG-13 | 2105 | Just when it seems like everything is going to come to an end, Danny finds a way to turn it into a new beginning. [at h50_flashfic]
Make It Work | NC-17 | 2000 | When Steve and Danny move in together things don't always go smoothly.
Miles from Where You Are | NC-17 | 7186 | Danny should be happy, after all, he has Rachel and Grace. So why are his nights spent taking care of a broken Steve?
Moral Support | PG | 200 | Grace is in the Christmas pageant and Steve has issues.
More, Always More | NC-17 | 1115 | Steve always wants more when it comes to Danny.
More to the Story | PG-13 | 362 | Steve has to come clean about that one time in Thailand.
Morning Swim | NC-17 | 200 | Steve enjoys those perfect Hawaiian mornings.
Muted | PG | 298 | Steve should know better than to use a mad scientist's remote control.
My Name on Your Lips | NC-17 | 935 | There are many ways to communicate.
A Natural Response | PG-13 | 299 | Being trapped in tight quarters with Steve is not Danny's idea of a good time.
Need | PG | 405 | Steve needs to be sure...
Nefarious Apples | PG | 300 | Only his one true love…
Neon Sign | NC-17 | 1297 | Steve's new tattoo really draws the eye...
Ninja Drabbles (Ninjas Not Included) | NC-17 | 1800 | Danny`s hair is perfect and it kinda pisses Steve off. Just a little. (with [personal profile] jesseofthenorth)
No Regrets | PG | 745 | Steve makes a decision... [at kissemdanno]
Not So Bad | NC-17 | 681 | Danny wanted to hate his new partner. But he couldn't. Coda to 1.01.
Ocean View | NC-17 | 401 | Danny will deny it later. Even to himself...especially to himself.
The Only Choice | NC-17 | 554 | Steve didn't expect much from Danny. Boy was he wrong. Coda to 1.01.
Our House | PG | 480 | It's Grace's birthday and she wants a horse.
Paint the Walls Blue | PG | 397 | Steve and Danny receive exciting news that will change their lives forever. [at h50_flashfic]
Personal Mantra | NC-17 | 714 | After three days in prison Steve really needs to sleep.
Pompom | NC-17 | 1032 | Danny is not at all happy about the "pompom" Grace found in Mary's old closet.
Power in a Name | NC-17 | 909 | Danny wants to leave his mark on Steve.
Racing Hearts | PG-13 | Danny is always pissed about some stupid, reckless thing that Steve's done. But it's only because he cares.
Rain Check | PG-13 | 8637 | There was a reason he didn’t go hiking but here he was in the middle of nowhere because he wanted to be close to Steve. Damn it he was worse than Grace. His nine-year old daughter had more sense when it came to crushes than he did. [at h50_flashfic]
Red Balloon, Green Balloon | NC-17 | Danny has a secret that he really wishes Steve wouldn’t pursue. (with [personal profile] shadynaiad
Red Pill | PG | 100 | Danny has to choose.
Red Satin | NC-17 | 1655 | Danny is sure he sees red satin showing through the hole in Steve's cargo pants...
Representative Paperwork | PG | 550 | Actions speak louder than words. But sometimes you still need the words.
Round One | NC-17 | 1090 | Danny's neighbors are loud. Danny and Steve decide to be louder.
Satisfied | PG | 1135 | Despite a miserable Valentine's date, Danny finds satisfaction in a simple moment with Steve.
Scent Memory | NC-17 | 909 | Danny is too exhausted to deny himself.
Secret Stash | NC-17 | 725 | Danny accidentally takes the wrong pills. Oops.
Sepia Toned | PG | 752 | Steve knows just how to help Grace with her history essay.
Silence | R | 100 | Steve's used to the silence.
Special Greeting | NC-17 | 657 | Danny likes to watch but is ready for more.
Spoilers | PG | 593 | Danny is not thrilled when Hollywood decides to make a movie based on Five-0.
Stained Red | NC-17 | 751 | Steve loves Danny's mouth.
Strange Customs | PG-13 | 300 | Danny has washed ashore in a strange land. A very strange land.
Study Session | PG | 481 | Going to college in Hawaii isn't all bad. College AU.
Subverting Expectations | PG-13 | 983 | Steve and Danny visit Kentucky and their relationship takes an unexpected turn.
Tags | NC-17 | 1280 | Danny has something of Steve's...
Tear My Heart Open | NC-17 | 921 | Steve wants Danny however he can get him.
Three Times a Day | PG-13 | 400 | Steve and Danny aren’t as subtle as they think they are.
Three Times the Radio Was Right | PG | 877 | Steve's not superstitious about much.
Traffic Jam | NC-17 | 592 | Danny hates Steve...and needs relief.
Transferable Skills | NC-17 | 801 | Steve knows how to get Danny into the water.
A True Patriot | NC-17 | 300 | Danny is a touch ticklish.
Unfulfilled | NC-17 | 486 | After the events of 1.23 Danny is finding himself strangely unfulfilled.
U-Turn | PG | 767 | Danny can't take Steve's taste in music anymore, at least not like this. (with [personal profile] somehowunbroken)
Visual Proof | R | 1477 | Danny knows how he feels about Steve but for once he can't figure out how to say it. Coda to 1.20.
Waiting for the Sun | PG-13 | 1535 | Everything is falling apart and Steve doesn't know how to fix it. (Coda to 2.03)
What You Make of It | PG | 2177| Steve wants Danny to be happy, no matter what.

Never | R | 100 | He knows it's wrong.

The Ring | R | 100 | Malia can't move on.
Regret | R | 100 | Chin has regrets. (also includes Chin/Laura)

Memory | R | 100 | Jenna is left with nothing but memories.

Arousal | R | 100 | They always turn her on.
Everything | R | 100 | Kono likes it all.

Alone Together | R | 100 | She's still all alone.
Driving Lessons | PG | 617 | Rachel really wanted to meet the cop she saw every morning on her way to work.
In the Dark | R | 100 | Rachel can be honest in the dark--if only for a moment.
Maybe This Time | NC-17 | 552 | Rachel always gives Danny what he needs.

Steve/Grace (adult)
Waiting | PG | 100 | Grace is done waiting.

Endless Lies | R | 1053 | Jenna does what she has to, no matter the cost.
Memory Fades | R | 100 | It's a new face that she sees.

Excuses | R | 2024 | After his mom dies, Steve is lonely. Too lonely to turn down the comfort Mary offers.

What Came first? | NC-17 | 591 | Danny has quite a sweet tooth.

A New Plan | R | 645 | Catherine needs to find a new plan when Steve becomes permanently unavailable.

Series Links
Kink Bingo 2011 Master List
MMOM 2011 Master List

Absolute Devotion | R | 523 | With just one touch of his staff they were his in body and soul, bound to worship him like the god he was. | AO3
By Choice | PG | 626 | Loki is weary of the fight.
Despite Himself | PG | 100 | Bruce knows he's not a hero. | AO3
Innate Goodness | PG | 1259 | While on a mission in Asgard, Steve manages to calm a unicorn which raises all sorts of questions. Thankfully, Thor has his back. | AO3
Lies | PG | 100 | Loki knows lies when he hears them. | AO3
The Shortest Week | PG-13 | 15,235 | It doesn’t take Tony long to realize that he’s stuck in a time loop, doomed to relive the same crappy day over and over again. Every day he wakes up hung over—whether or not he drinks—has to deal with giant robots and, even worse, a pissed off Captain America. Tony has to figure out how to stop the cycle before he goes crazy and in the process maybe he and Steve can come to an understanding.

Scars | PG | 676 | Scars aren't always visible. | AO3

Belonging | PG | 3262 | Steve should have known that spending Thanksgiving with Tony wouldn't exactly go as expected.
Brave New World | PG | 1243 | Steve and Tony go to Brooklyn and revisit Steve's first steps as a new man. [at cap_ironman] | AO3
Expectations | PG | 1209 | Tony lives up to other people's expectations. Steve expects more than most.
Go with the Flow | R | 1053 | If there is one thing that dating Tony has taught Steve, it's that sometimes you have to go with the flow. | AO3
Lucky | PG | 783 | Steve hates Tony's habit of jumping between him and danger. This time the danger happens to be a dragon.
Still the Same | PG | 628 | When Steve reverts back to the scrawny kid from Brooklyn he's afraid of being useless.
Surface Cracks | PG-13 | 1104 | Tony hasn't seen Steve in a week and he's starting to get worried.
Unpaid Taxes | PG | 475 | Steve hasn't paid his taxes in seventy years and the IRS doesn't consider "entombed in the Arctic" a valid excuse. | AO3
Unraveling | PG-13 | 6100 | After it's revealed that Tony was replaced by a Skrull, Steve begins to question everything about their relationship, and the only person who can set things straight can't talk. | AO3

Tony Stark/Danny Williams/Bruce Wayne
Action! | NC-17 | 1703 | Tony and Bruce have plans for Danny. He turns out not to mind. (with [personal profile] somehowunbroken)

Adrift | PG | 1143 | Clark can't lose anyone else, especially not himself. | AO3
A Corrupt System | PG | 756 | Clark and Bruce are less than thrilled when Lex is elected president.
Medal Envy | PG | 401 | Wally and Dick watch the Olympics on their night off. | AO3
Overcoming Challenges | PG | 620 | Dick invites Wally to spend the afternoon at Wayne Manor. | AO3
Scout's Honor | PG-13 | 684 | Joker doesn't want Batman to actually die.

Bruce Wayne/Wally West
Not Again! | PG | 982 | Wally can't seem to keep his brain in the right body. | AO3
Only Logical | PG | 896 | Batman doesn't need anyone to take care of him. Flash does anyway.
A Unique Opportunity | NC-17 | 1411 | A magical encounter leaves Wally with a few new body parts. Thankfully, Bruce doesn't mind. | AO3

Clark Kent/Lex Luthor
Like Gravity | PG | 5171 | The last thing Clark expected to find splashed across the front page of the Daily Planet was the headline “SUPERMAN-LEX LUTHOR SEX SCANDAL” in all capital letters. | AO3

Clark Kent/Lois Lane
Checkup | PG | 688 | An ultrasound shows Clark and Lois their child for the first time. | AO3

Pretending | PG | 100 | Artemis is used to pretending. | AO3

teen wolf masterlist

Incentive | PG | 1071 | Stiles gives Derek a lesson in civic responsibility. Or the one where Derek finds out that Chris Argent is running for mayor.
Sibling Love | PG | 556 | Erica and Isaac are twins which means they already know the meaning of pack. (AU)
Trust Issues | PG | 1678 | There is a reason that Stiles is always the one who gets stuck helping Derek.

I'll huff and I'll puff... | PG-13 | 1355 | Stiles has the perfect Halloween costumes and Derek's just going to have to deal with it. It's a good thing he likes Stiles.
Reciprocity | PG-13 | 1680 | Derek always called at the worst possible times, like when the girls from the Jungle were teaching Stiles how to apply makeup—on himself.

spn masterlist pic

Clean | NC-17 | 1066 | Dean loves the way Cas tastes. | AO3
Learning Curve | NC-17 | 928 | Cas' first attempt at a blow job is awkward, but Dean is more than willing to teach by example.

Burning | R | 568 | Sometimes survival isn’t pretty. They all know that more than most. (Also contains Katniss/Peeta) | AO3

Burning | R | 568 | Sometimes survival isn’t pretty. They all know that more than most. (Also contains Katniss/Haymitch) | AO3

The Cooper Fowler Relationship Fallacy | PG-13 | 2108 | Sheldon has decided that marrying Amy would be a suitable and mutually beneficial arrangement. Penny helps him realize that he is wrong.
The Deductive Realization | PG | 1532 | A chance encounter with a mysterious man in London changes everything for Penny and Sheldon. A BBT/Sherlock crossover. A German Translation by JaneDoe83 can be found here.
The Emotional Attachment Determination | PG-13 | 7,447 | Sheldon has come to the realization that Penny is his best friend which seems to make everything more complicated.
The Halloween Candy Discrepancy | PG | 345 | Sheldon knows that Peeps are for Easter not Halloween.

The Sands of Time | PG-13 | 1002 | Ianto reflects on the passage of time on the first anniversary of Lisa's death. Jack is there to help him look to the future.

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