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May. 1st, 2013 12:43 am
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Sign-ups are now open for the 2013 [ profile] marvel_bang and the 2013 [ profile] dcu_bang!

Author, Artist, and Beta/Cheerleader sign-ups are all open. Just click through to the comms below.

[ profile] marvel_bang || [ profile] marvel_bang || [ profile] marvel_bang

[ profile] dcu_bang || [ profile] dcu_bang || [ profile] dcu_bang

2013 Dates for Both Challenges

1 May: Sign-ups open (author, accompanying fanworks, beta/cheerleader)
8 May: Author sign-ups close
1 June: Author check-in
1 July: Author check-in
1 August: Author check-in
28 August: Author rough drafts due (at least 80% complete)
30 August: Fic summaries go up for fanworkers to peruse
31 August: Claiming opens
7 September: Claims close; no more fanworker signups
1 October: Mandatory check-in for authors and artists; posting sign-ups open
13 October: Final drafts due
16 October: Posting begins
13 November: Posting ends

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I had the opportunity to make art for [ profile] honeybearbee's fic "I don't want to forget how your voice sounds" written for this year's [ profile] dcu_bang. It's a Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent fic set in Smallville/Nolanverse cross. You can find it on AO3 here.

And here is the header I made: )
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I took up a pinch hit for the dcu_bang because I betaed the story. And then it got a second pinch too. It's a fun story, I recommend it if you like the Robins or kidfic.

Title: Fathers, Be Good
Author name: [ profile] ariadne83 and [ profile] somehowunbroken
Characters/Pairing: slight Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne, Roy Harper
Fandom/Universe: Red Hood: Lost Days-era AU
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 11,600
Warnings: none
Summary: The last person that Dick expects to hear talking when he picks up his phone is Jason, who has been dead for years. Except he isn’t anymore, apparently, and Dick can hear a baby screaming in the background as Jason asks him for help. What is there for Dick to do but drop everything and run to help his long-lost brother?

Fic on AO3
chibifukurou's art

My art:

fathers be good icon2 fathers be good icon
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Sign-ups are now open for both the [ profile] marvel_bang and the [ profile] dcu_bang! The following banners may have some relation to what I am planning to write. Come join me in the fun!!

[ profile] marvel_bang|| [ profile] marvel_bang || [ profile] marvel_bang

[ profile] dcu_bang || [ profile] dcu_bang || [ profile] dcu_bang


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