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We were given a bingo card over at [ profile] beacon_hills and had to fill each square. I did eight drabbles of exactly 200 words and then for the co-op square I worked with [ profile] tiah15. We chose to make icons with the color red as the theme. The icons I made are in this post.

Special thanks to [ profile] jesseofthenorth for helping encourage me to power through these fills despite my writer's block. :D

Here is the card and all the of the fills are below:


Family, Scott takes time to appreciate his mom on Mother's Day. )
Risk, Lydia and Stiles prepare to play a game of Risk. )
Favorite, Stiles' father knows him too well. )
Weapon, Allison and Lydia prepare for battle. )
Anchor, Boyd is too well-adjusted for this life. )
Free, Stiles rescues Derek. )
Magic, Scott has tickets to a magic show. )
Hurt, Stiles is only human. )
Co-op with tiah15 - 4 icons )
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[ profile] beacon_hills is having a character challenge where we have to do fanworks about Danny Mahealani. I made five icons and wrote an exact 100 word drabble. The drabble hints at the idea of Stiles/Danny.

icons )
drabble )
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Title: Lies
Author: [ profile] shinysylver
Prompt: #5 Home
Characters/pairing: gen, Loki
Rating: pg
Content Notes: Inspired by a moment from the Avengers movie but not really spoilery.
Universe: movieverse
Word Count: 100
Summary: Loki knows lies when he hears them.

Author's Note: written for [ profile] avengers100

Lies )


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