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Title: King's Gambit
Author: [ profile] shinysylver
Artist(s): [ profile] emilywritescrap and [ profile] reni_m
Universe: AOS
Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock
Additional Pairings: references to past Kirk/Areel Shaw and past Spock/Uhura
Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 11,855
Warnings: spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness
Author's Note:Written for the [ profile] ksbigbang. I was lucky enough to be claimed by two amazing artists. Please take a look at their art and tell them how amazing it is! I also need to thank [ profile] somehowunbroken for betaing this fic despite not being in this fandom and [ profile] camshaft22 for being my enabling Trek buddy and alpha reading for me.

Summary: The five year mission had barely begun when the Enterprise was hit by a damaging ion storm that left one officer dead. In the aftermath, Kirk is once again facing the possibility of losing his command as his decisions are called into question. Despite all of the evidence against Kirk, Spock refuses to believe the charges. A reboot retelling of the TOS episode "Court Martial."

Link to [ profile] shinysylver's Fic: at AO3
Link to [ profile] emilywritescrap's Art: at tumblr
Link to [ profile] reni_m's Art: at livejournal
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Title: Unraveling
Artist: [ profile] cellia
Author: [ profile] shinysylver
Characters/Pairing: Steve/Tony with guest appearances by everybody
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: Movieverse
Word Count: 6100
Content Notes: References to possible pre-fic dubcon.

Art Thumbnail:

Fic Summary: After it's revealed that Tony was replaced by a Skrull, Steve begins to question everything about their relationship, and the only person who can set things straight can't talk.
Link to Art: Art at Cellia's LJ | DW

Author's Note: Written for the [ profile] c_im_bigbang's Reverse Big Bang. Most importantly, thanks to [ profile] cellia for the beautiful and inspiring artwork. Thanks also go to [ profile] somehowunbroken for the beta work and the never ending cheerleading and to [ profile] jesseofthenorth and [ profile] tailoredshirt for listening to me stress and whine.

Unraveling ) | AO3


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